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Merlin and Evie's pups.  The Twilight Litter.
When I was reading the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer it seemed like a good idea at the time to save some names from it for the next litter of puppies.  Unfortunately I couldn't get all of my first choices, but was happy with the names I was allowed.    I kept Jasper and Eclipse and the other puppies all have wonderful homes.  Here are their pages showing pictures of them growing and their new families.
Breesfalt Carlysle is now called Kyle .  He went to live with Alison and Allan, Claude the deerhound and other assorted friends. 
Breesfalt Jacob is now known to his friends as Walter.  He went to live on Mull with Kaz, Amy the deerhound and lurcher pal Charlie.
Breesfalt Emmett is called Jake.  He went to live with Jill,  Richard and Archie the deerhound.
Breesfalt Cullen is also known as Jake.  He has gone to live with Sarah and her family which includes her grand assortment of cats and Molly the Great Dane with whom Sarah does Agility. 
Breesfalt Isabella went to live with Brian and Marion and their family of deerhounds and wolfhounds.  Bella has grand ideas above her station, she always thought she was a princess but now she thinks she should become queen and rule the roost.
Last but not least the little sweetheart, Breesfalt Alice.  She was the smallest in the litter, but was a fighter and quickly caught up, although never made the size of her big brother Walter.  Alice went to live with Melanie, Martin, Ollie and Harry and her best pal Max.  I called her Alice, when she was born, after the character Alice in Twilight who is small.  She has a heart shaped patch on her chest and she caused a few flutters in our hearts.  She failed the initial liver shunt test, and the second one.  I was advised to wait 3 weeks and re-test her, which I did.  She was given the all clear.  Everything ok and no problems whatsoever.  We all shed tears of joy on that day.  I never wanted to part with her but made sure she went to a special home.  Melanie, who owns Alice now, is shown here, when she was just 8 years old with Alice's ggg granddad, Champion Lorrivale Garth.  She always dreamt of one day having her own deerhound, and now she has my darling Alice.


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